Complimentary samples sent out with each order for February ~ find out more here.

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The Self Kindness Project

This month we have launched The womanhood Self Kindness Project ~ a bespoke package inclusive of lingerie, positive affirmation stickers designed by Josie Devine, and complimentary samples of Glow Bar’s best-selling Yoni Moon Milk. 

Founder Tanya Robertson says, “February is so often synonymous with Valentine’s Day and buying lingerie for someone else’s pleasure. We want to turn that concept on its head by encouraging our community to prioritise and show kindness to themselves instead. The Self Kindness Project is a bundle of items we are sending to each customer this month along with their orders. It serves as a reminder that we all need to take the time to connect with ourselves and enjoy the little things that keep us feeling positive towards our bodies, mind and wellbeing.” 

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womanhood X Josie Devine 

We have partnered with the brilliant artist Josie Devine to create one of a kind stickers for womanhood. 

Using positive affirmations and line drawings of silhouettes, Josie designed unique and beautiful stickers. Tag us on Instagram to show us where you're placing them. 

womanhood X Glow Bar

With each order comes a Yoni Moon Milk from Glow Bar. Moon Milks are functional lattes designed to heal and nourish you. The Yoni Moon Milk was created to be your best friend during any time in your cycle. The combination of decadent Cacao, fiery Ginger, gut-friendly Prebiotic & balancing Shatavari has given this drink cult status at Glow Bar, the self care haven in London's West End.

Combine 1tbsp of Moon Milk powder with a splash of hot water or plant-based milk. Make a paste with a bamboo whisk or spoon, and top with hot or cold plant-based milk. Enjoy curled up on the sofa with a couple of candles.

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We hope our Self Kindness project inspires you to take more time for yourself this month. Let us know what you think of your packages by tagging us on Instagram @wearewomanhood