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refer a friend

Refer a friend

Our rewards scheme

Sharing is caring, so every time you introduce a friend to womanhood we will reward them and you, with £15 off your next order when you spend over £60.

How it works - for friends

Visit our homepage to find the 'rewards scheme tab'. This area will invite you to set up an account with us (don't worry this doesn't mean we'll send you loads of emails). Already have an account with us? Great, sign yourself in!

After signing in, return to the 'rewards scheme tab' and your personal discount code will be generated here. You can share this with friends, each of which will be able to shop £15 off their first order over £60.

Once they receive the link, they'll be invited to create an account and automatically be sent a discount code via email which they can enter at checkout. 

How it works - your discount code

Once a friend shops with your discount code, you'll automatically receive £15 off for orders over £60. This discount will live in the 'rewards scheme tab'. From here, you'll be able to view all the rewards you have collected.  

Further questions

If you need any further help, drop us an email at we will get back to you as soon as possible (Monday - Fridays).