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About Us

“The idea for womanhood formed as I started to realise the power of dressing for myself, especially when it came to lingerie.

It always felt like I had two options: everyday underwear that wasn’t particularly flattering, and the underwear bought purely to please someone else. I became increasingly frustrated that I was not fulfilling my own needs and everywhere I looked, I was bombarded with unrealistic, oversexualised images of women. To me, it was clear something had to change in the industry.

I began to research independent designers that aligned with my vision, beliefs and ethics. The brands that stood out had one thing in common – they were created by women. There was a revolution happening in the industry and women were leading it.

In 2019, I launched womanhood, to bring together a curated collection of female designers from all corners of the earth. Womanhood is designed to champion individual brands, to celebrate diversity and to inspire women to acknowledge and embrace their own beauty and worth in lingerie.”

Tanya Robertson, founder

Our Vision

It’s no longer about choosing between comfort, style or designs that only cater to the male gaze. It’s about representation, authenticity and womxn reclaiming their bodies.

Womanhood is a joining of forces: we make sure each brand we stock aligns with our values of diversity, inclusion and body positivity.

Our aim? To build a community of confident, empowered womxn. To champion diverse, ethical and independent brands, who create their products with love. To shake up the industry and inspire every one of us to feel great in our skin—no matter body type or style.