About Us

“My mum hated buying bras. In fact, most women in my life did. Girlfriends, sisters, family members – you name it, the feeling seemed universal. The challenges appeared to range from struggling to find the right fit, to not liking what was out there or looking like the women that modelled the pieces. Above all, many of my peers spoke of the pressure they felt to buy underwear to please someone else.

It seemed to me that lingerie was one of the most emotional purchases a woman would make. And yet, it made them feel insecure - about themselves and their body.

Something had to change.

womanhood was born from a place of wanting to empower the wearer. To show them there isn’t an ideal standard of beauty. To encourage them to be themselves and celebrate that. To provide them with multiple sizes and styles in one place. To take them on a journey of bettering their relationship with underwear and in turn their perception of themselves in it.”

Tanya Robertson, founder

Our Vision

It’s no longer about choosing between comfort, style or designs that only cater to the male gaze. It’s about representation, authenticity and womxn reclaiming their bodies.

womanhood is a joining of forces: we make sure each brand we stock aligns with our values of diversity, inclusion and body positivity.

Our aim? To build a community of confident, empowered womxn. To champion diverse, ethical and independent brands, who create their products with love. To shake up the industry and inspire every one of us to feel great in our skin—no matter body type or style.