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this is our story

we began in 2019, and it has been a great adventure with you ever since

Who we are

After a lifetime of shopping for underwear that seemed to hate us, and seeing friends and family slump into a depressive pit every time the subject came up, we’ve taken matters into our own hands.

In a female-centric space that’s been dominated by male-led businesses, we’ve created a safe place for anybody who wants to love what they wear, from the base layers up.

And all sourced from brands who are doing it right.

Why female founders

If you’ve made it to our website it’s likely that you’ve tried to shop for lingerie before. And if that’s true, it’s likely that you’ll recognise the tears, sighs and vows never to do it again that we hear from so many. We get it.

As you’re forlornly looking in the mirror at yet another ill-fitting bra, we get it. As you scroll through image after airbrushed image and slightly hate yourself for not being perma-smooth, hair-free and tighter than an army bedsheet, we absolutely, 100% get it. With bells on. We get it because we’ve lived it.

And it was while living it that we asked ourselves a question: why is it that an industry supposedly created for women’s bodies is causing women so much heartache and harm? Because, friends, it doesn’t work.

The machine that peddles women’s lingerie is broken. There’s smoke coming out of a generator and all the buttons have fallen off. So we’re here to fix it (and we’re doing it in incredibly comfortable, diamante-free pants). 

Female designers get it. They understand the need for comfort combined with style. They create from their own problems, to ensure that you don’t have to suffer the same pain points they have.

Our vision

We’re about those good feelings. All of them. We’re about pants and bras, sure, but first and foremost we love helping people feel great every time they get dressed. We believe in a world where confidence and power are championed for everybody and every body, at any and all stages of undress.

So we’ve sourced the very best underwear from independent, female-led brands, designed to have and be held by at every stage of life, from your training bra to your everyday bra to your maternity bra, your wireless bra, your DD+, unpadded, lace-bodiced, with different styles of briefs - you get the idea.

We believe in the power of community, of sharing, of honest conversations, because we know from experience how healing they can be.

And we truly believe that great things happen when people come together. 

Our vibe

We’re about self-acceptance. Body neutrality. Self- love. All of it.

We believe all bodies deserve to feel good and know that they deserve to feel good.

We never retouch our images and our models are all people from our community.

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