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in conversation with Trâm

our womanhood ~ chapter II

As part of our latest campaign, we invited our community to take part in a shoot for womanhood. As with all our images, they remain untouched. 

We had a chat with Tram about what womanhood means to them and the journey they have been on.

"I feel like my journey with womanhood has been and is currently always tethering on the edge of the term. As a non-binary person, I grew up feeling always some detachment from womanhood, both societally and personally as womanhood itself felt sometimes limiting. As a teenager, I came to realise that gender is a social construct but didn’t have the vocabulary to identify as non-binary so I just felt like I was hovering over the edge of what I knew and experience as womanhood.

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It has been a difficult relationship with my body but it has remained generous and resilient despite my negativity. Growing up in East Asia means people can be really pervasive and greatly impact on your body image, let alone gender dysmorphia. I have jokingly said that I am body positive about everybody expect myself at times, because it takes a really long time for us to unlearn the harmful things we have internalised about our bodies. Because of gender dysmorphia, sometimes I feel alien to my body, but I think we are learning to be friends.


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When I look back at pictures of younger me, I think wow I looked great then - why was I so unhappy with my body? So it seems it didn’t matter how I looked, I seemed to have a negative veil over it. I would probably tell myself to think of my body as a landscape, we never complain about how the mountains or the river look because out of all the temporary homes we have in the world, this is the longest one."

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Tram wears the Delilah bodysuit by Lonely and the Primrose bralette and thong by Rossell England.


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