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in conversation with Tara

our womanhood ~ chapter V


As part of our latest campaign, we invited our community to take part in a shoot for womanhood. As with all our images, they remain untouched. 

We had a chat with Tara about what womanhood means to her and the journey she has been on.

Tara wears Attollo.

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"Growing up as a young black girl, I feel as though our bodies our sexualised quite early on. This made me feel older than I actually was, which I think in a lot of cases can be damaging. Fast forward to today, I feel confident and educated enough to speak to my future daughters about womanhood, as I don’t think the same offering was there with our mothers before us.

I never thought about my evolving womanhood until recently when gaining a substantial amount of weight and feeling insecure. Doing this womanhood shoot and just thinking “fuck it” helped me form a new more positive relationship with my body. I learned that what I look like doesn’t define me as a person and I’m Tara regardless of what the scales say.

womanhood lingerie attollo bras and briefs underwire  

My relationship with my body always been to kinda rocky; I never had negative thoughts about my body but I was always told by others I was bigger, which made me think, 'well why am I not smaller?'

Oddly my teen years were my most confident, and I never said a bad word about myself. Recently I have said some harmful words about my body which I am ashamed of because my body is amazing - it has housed me my whole life and it deserves respect.

With my journey of womanhood today, I am loving and accepting myself; unpacking the reasons for why I feel the way I feel about myself, but from a point of love and understanding. I’m my own therapist."

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