In Conversation with Rosie – womanhood

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In Conversation with Rosie

As part of our latest campaign, we invited our followers to take part in a shoot for womanhood. As with all our campaigns, images are untouched.

We chat to Rosie about what womanhood means to her and the journey she has been on.

womanhood lingerie lonely Kiki Underwire Bra and brief

"My relationship with my body has been a turbulent one! I struggled to come to terms with developing earlier than my school friends, and with being half Iraqi amongst predominantly white friends and family. I have always found my body hard to accept and struggled with anorexia for several years. For a while, I felt sure that I was just in the wrong body, and that once I was very thin, I’d feel right. Recovery from anorexia was the hardest thing that I have ever done and coming to terms with the way my body wanted to be at times felt like we were fighting each other. Since then it has been a journey to self-acceptance which I am still working on, but my body is now my home, and that is a really lovely feeling."

womanhood lonely lingerie kiki underwire bra


"I am probably still coming to terms with my womanhood but I am more acceptant of my femininity and my womanly figure now than I ever have been in the past."

"There is a lot of talk about loving yourself, and loving your body. I have been told that ‘no one can love you until you love yourself’. This just isn’t true! In my opinion, the pressure to love yourself is too great. It is a goal that is too hard to understand and the feeling of failing to reach it can be detrimental. You can learn to accept yourself and to understand that you are enough. And those who love you will join you on your journey and will teach you that love transcends looks."

womanhood lingerie lonely kiki brief

Rosie wears the Kiki Underwire bra and brief by Lonely

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