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in conversation with Nisha ...

our womanhood ~ chapter IV

As part of our latest campaign, we invited our community to take part in a shoot for womanhood. As with all our images, they remain untouched. 

We had a chat with Nisha about what womanhood means to her and the journey she has been on.



My relationship with my body has been a turbulent one. I suffered with an eating disorder for many years and after finally receiving treatment I began to see how much the obsession with my body looking a certain way was holding me back from things as simple as doing my job or spending time with friends.

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I won’t pretend it’s been an easy road, but now more and more I can look in the mirror and tell myself with honesty that I look damn hot and sexy, not in-spite of the skin bulging over the top of my tight thong but because of it.

Throughout my life I have always identified strongly as a woman, and that hasn’t really fluctuated. What has changed is the confidence I have as a woman and, although it has natural dips, I’m finally in a place where on the whole it grows each day.

womanhood lingerie female founded brands

I currently view my womanhood as something of power and have spent time working to reclaim my sexuality. A woman enjoying sex isn’t something they should be ashamed of or feel the need to hide, if they want to share then share away! I’ve found that the more open I am with others, the more open and comfortable they are with me - and that’s the most beautiful thing.


Nisha wears sets from Love Stories and Baserange


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