in conversation with Chloe – womanhood

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in conversation with Chloe

our womanhood ~ chapter II

As part of our latest campaign, we invited our community to take part in a shoot for womanhood. As with all our images, they remain untouched. 

We had a chat with Chloe about what womanhood means to her and the journey she has been on.

My own womanhood has definitely changed as I experimented with aspects of my identity. Certainly, I’ve had to engage with the ways others see my womanhood  - whether it is to do with my dual ethnicity, gender or faith. Whilst this can be difficult and frustrating, my womanhood is mine to curate and explore and I am not in control of the ways others may view it.

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I still feel as if I am getting to know myself and all the possibilities and potential inside of me. It’s easy to be fooled into thinking “womanhood” is all about a product, a look, a job, but I think I’ve realised my own journey is a lot more about growth and getting it wrong. Giving myself the freedom to do that is a continuous gift.
My relationship with my body changes, but increasingly I’m learning to thank it for all it does. I am often very much in my head as a doctoral student but my body needs just as much care and attention.
womanhood lingerie dora larsen
Getting to know my body in terms of sexual wellness has been completely liberating. I have learned to get familiar with my body hair which has revealed all the ways beauty is so much bigger than what we are sold. I don’t want other people and their bodies to be commodities, and so I must practice that with myself."
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