In conversation with Alice and Ellie – womanhood

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In conversation with Alice and Ellie

As part of our latest campaign, we invited our followers to take part in a shoot for womanhood. As with all our campaigns, images are untouched.

We chat to sisters, Alice and Ellie about what womanhood means to them and the journies they've have been on. 

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Ellie ~ "When I was younger I did everything I could to have a different body. Years wasted wishing for something else. These days, I’m mostly proud of what I am and pleased with what I have. Sometimes I am completely blown away by what my body can do."

Alice ~ "We grew up in a very female household, surrounded by strong, smart women. There was never any question that we could do whatever the fuck we put our minds to. There was a period in my life where I was trying to forge a career, run my own business and start a family and now I realise that womanhood is about balance and timing. We can have it all, and be it all, just probably not all at the same time. But we’ve got time to explore different things at different life stages, and luckily us women live longer than men!"

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Ellie ~ "Learning to love what I am and what I have has taught me about how to see the world. We are here for a glimpse of time and we have a sisterhood of brilliant women with incredible minds and fierce bodies to make that time worthwhile. Celebrate the differences and make an impact together. 

It’s taken to my mid-thirties to want my journey and not aspire to someone else’s. I feel content, settled, happy and in solidarity with my sisters.

I really didn’t like what I had when I was younger – physically, mentally or emotionally. It’s been such a relief to get a bit older and make peace with who I am. Having the kids really helped with the physical side of this. I can look at my body now and think… what an incredible and fierce thing I am.

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Alice ~ "I’m very firmly in the motherhood phase, with two little boys to care for. My body has done some epic things over the past 4 years - growing and feeding two little people, and I spend a lot of time nurturing at the moment. Doing the womanhood shoot was an incredible contrast to that!"

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Ellie and Alice wear UnderProtection, a new brand joining the womanhood collection soon.


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