WE ARE OPEN | 10% of all profits being donated to provide food for NHS workers

Help us help our NHS

During these turbulent times, we wanted to offer our platform to support where possible and create a positive impact - but we need your help. 

This month we are donating 10% of all profits to Berber & You to provide food for NHS workers. The London based restaurant, are keeping their kitchens open to provide as much food as they can make to hospitals local to them.

 Small business supports NHS

In the weeks and months ahead, our NHS system and the people who work in it will come under relentless, uncompromising strain. They will have to brave their respective hospital wards and serve on the frontline of this war every. single. day, whilst the rest of us stay at home and self-isolate. This will take enormous courage. They will be our frontline of defence against Covid-19 and we will all depend on them to nurse society back to health, to get us through this dark moment in our history and to be our true heroes. Yet they are likely to be overrun, under-nourished and exhausted.

100% of profits will be spent on food supplies and paying staff. With £30,000 raised they can run this programme for the next month. But Berber and You are aiming for £100,000 to keep our amazing NHS staff fed and nourished.

Please support us and Berber & You in this amazing initiative. We welcome all forms of support, whether that is a purchase through us, a direct donation or spreading the message further - every bit counts!

 Direct donation link: https://www.gofundme.com/f/berber--you