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Underwires vs bralettes

(Spoiler alert, we love both!)

Until a couple years ago, bralettes were out of fashion. Push up bras with ample padding and uncomfortable underwires lined our underwear drawers. Thankfully, comfort has become a bigger priority. Brands today are beginning to adjust designs to fit consumer needs. Shout out to the female founded brands that have done this since day one!

One of the main questions we get asked is ‘how do I find the right style bra for me?’ Well, we want to put another question back to you – ‘what do you want from your bra?’

The thing is, bras should support us one way or another. Whether that is through physical lift, or just a gentle hug. But it is also okay to ask for more from your bras, and we’re here to help you diagnose the differences between the two styles.


Underwire bras


It is undeniable that underwire bras offer more support than bralettes. Did you know that 80% of support comes from the band? The remainder is from the straps and material used inside the cup to lift and shape the breasts. Supportive bras however don’t need to be restrictive. Underwires should always sit smoothly underneath the breast, without pressing on your breast tissue or digging into the armpit area. If you experience this, we recommend going up a cup size (sometimes two depending on the fit and style).

Can they be comfortable?

If you’re anti underwires because you think they’re uncomfortable, remember this: if the bra fits you correctly, you shouldn’t feel any pain when wearing it. This is the beauty of female founded lingerie brands - they design products based on their own needs, with a deep understanding of quality fit and support.

Natori bliss perfection underwire bra Dare Entice Skarlett Blue

Wireless bras

Fluctuating sizes

Throughout our lives we change bra size on average 7 – 9 times. We also fluctuate depending on hormonal changes, time of the month and weight. Let’s all just take a moment to remember that changing bra sizes is normal. If this is something you’re going through don’t beat yourself up about it. Take it from team womanhood, we’ve all been there! Wireless bras however are more forgiving during these moments, and that is why we always have a couple in our drawer for the times that we need a bit more stretch in our bras. Soft underbands, delicate straps and stretchy materials are the perfect combination for easy everyday wear.

Still want a bit of a lift?

Wireless bras don’t always mean less shape than an underwire bra. In fact, many of our brands are leading the way with bralette designs that support and shape the breast. Our top tip is to try a style with a thick underband to provide that little bit of lift. Bralettes with hooks are extra effective at this, instead of pull over styles.

baserange bralette womanhood bra

Do you have a specific underwire or bralette questions? Let us know in the comments below, we will come back to you.

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