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5 signs you need to get your bra fitted

41% of our community haven’t been fitted in 5 years or more. Sound familiar? Well, those are stats we want to change. We believe people should have access to regular, easy, free fittings from the comfort of their own home. Stay tuned, we are getting ready to launch something (tomorrow!) that we can’t wait to share with you.

If you’re not feeling confident in your bra size, or are feeling any of the following signs, then it’s time to get fitted again.


Your bra hurts 

Facts first – if your bra hurts, it doesn’t fit. Bras are not meant to cause you discomfort if they are well designed. Any discomfort is not to be ignored. It’s important to remember that some brands will do sizing differently, so take the time to find a fit that works for you in your chosen style. Material, style and even colour has been known to change bra sizes so if you’re in doubt always ask a professional for support 

Your wire digs into your breast tissue

If you’re into underwires, they should sit plus underneath your breast tissue. Starting from below the armpit towards the centre of the chest, they should lie flat against the chest and ribs. If your wire is poking out of the bra entirely, unfortunately it is time to part ways with your old companion. Bands provide 80% of a bra’s support, so making sure it is the right fit is incredibly important in getting your sizing right.

Your straps slide off your shoulders

Straps should be secure across the shoulder, without moving throughout the day. A quick win is to make sure your straps are regularly adjusted (especially between washes) as this can help tailor the bra to your fit. Equally if they’re too tight (and at the end of their length) then you need to try a new cup size.

The band is riding up at the back

Your band should sit parallel around the front and back of your body. If your band is riding up, it means the band is too big for you. Pulling your band down when putting your bra on is a great way to start the day right and ensure the fit is correct. It might feel unusual at first, but trust us, a low band is best.

Your cups aren’t sitting flat against your breast  

Gapping cups, or cups that make your breasts overflow? It’s time to get a new bra. If your cups have space between your breast and the bra, then its time to downgrade a cup size. If your cups are bulging with breast tissue coming out either at the centre or side of the chest, you will need to increase a cup size (take it from us, it may be more than one cup).


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