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Be in our next campaign

We want you to be in our next shoot!


Since the beginning, womanhood has championed real bodies, unedited images and showing lingerie on a range of different bodies. Not only do we want to normalise the narrative around lingerie, we also want to give people the opportunity to share their journey of womanhood.

So, maybe you're interested in applying but are doubting you're what we are looking for? Truth is, we don't look for anything in particular. What matters to us is why you want to be involved - not what you look like, or what breast size you are. Telling your story and sharing your journey is one of our biggest privileges as a brand. There is no one size, skin tone, age or identity we are looking for - we are open to it all and welcome everyone to apply.


the next shoot

 Friday July 29th in London - we are looking for 4 - 5 people to take part.

how to apply

To apply to be in our next shoot send the following to us at with the subject line 'womanhood shoot | 'insert your name'

• Full name

• Email

• Age

• Known Bra size

• Known Brief size 

• If you have any tattoo's or piercings 

• Attach 3 images of yourself - these do not need to be in your underwear, we just want to put a face to the name.

• A brief explanation of why you want to be involved in our campaigns.

• If there are any other factors we should know? For example if you are pregnant or your have recently undergone any surgeries.

how our shoots work

Throughout the year we have regular shoots for our website and  several campaign shoots a year. We use our community for both of these shoots. When applying please note that we don't look for any one thing in particular. We keep an open eye and mind when choosing models. Our main focus is why models want to be involved.

When planning our shoots we will reach out to applicants to confirm availability and that you are still willing to take part. From there, we will arrange logistics including locations, samples in your size & more.

All models are paid a day rate and each model recieves the same amount. We are a small business but believe in compensating people for their time and involvement.

what you can expect from a shoot day

We work with all female crews on our shoots. We take pride in supporting women across everything we do and that includes being behind the camera as well as in front of it.

Before the shoot the womanhood team will take models next steps. Models will be sent  call sheets containing location, time and essential information. Contracts will also be issued to each model to disclose payment, terms and usage.

We don't work with hair and make-up artists as we really do put our money where our mouth is, and shoot 'real' campaigns. We ask everyone to turn up with no make-up, no fake tan or bright nail varnish colours.

All looks and lingerie sets are organised prior to the shoot. We work carefully to ensure everyone is wearing items they feel comfortable in and that allow us to create the content we need for new collections and campaigns. We aim to update all models on the brands and styles they'll be working prior to the shoot, however, there are inevitable last minute adjustments.

the journal

We ask all models to take part in our womanhood journal

These are tales of womanhood told by you. Words from our community, snapshots into journies and glimpses into how people view, live and understand their own womanhood.

Following the shoot we send questions for people to answer. There is no requirement for a minimum number of words, details or specifics to a story. We just post what you are happy for us to share. 

Shoot & model FAQs

I applied for a shoot, will you confirm you've received my application?

We wish we could reply to everyone, however, due to the volume of applications we get we only confirm receipt to those taking part. 

I've been invited to be part of a shoot, but I can't make the day - what happens next?

Don't worry! If you can't make that shoot we will reach out to you again in due course and find another time for you to be involved. The sooner you can let us know the better, we need time to plan for these moments.

I'm in the next shoot and I'm nervous!

We understand, and we are here to be your biggest cheerleaders. We have had many people nervous before taking part, but never had one person walk away feeling unhappy with the experience. Before attending we will ask you to compile a playlist for when you're on set. This is your moment and your vibe, we're just lucky enough to be a part of it. Music has helped to relax people and allow them to feel at ease. The team will constantly be checking in with you to ensure you're settled and supported (in more ways than one). Before you know it, the shoot will be over and you'll be asking us how you can be in the next one. 

Do you have closed sets?

Absolutely! We are very protective of our sets and ensuring complete privacy. Our studio shoots are closed with no external people allowed entry. Some of our campaign shoots take part outdoors, however, we plan around this to ensure protection for our models at all times.


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